"The Power that Made the body Heals the body. It happens no other way." 

B.J. Palmer


Hi! My name is Dr. Sophie Mills and I am one of the doctors at Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Growing up in northwest Kansas I was highly involved in sports. Because of my active childhood I saw a Chiropractor fairly regularly to keep me on the go. It wasn’t until I felt the calling on my life to go to Chiropractic school that I fully understood the healing potential our bodies are innately created with! I recently went on a mission trip to Ghana where our team was able to love on the Ghanaian people through chiropractic adjustments, hearing their stories and sharing ours. Seeing the healing that took place that was more than just physical impacted me deeply. I have developed a deep passion to serve people and that includes facilitating healing through chiropractic adjustments. My vision is to have a practice where practice members feel like family and are a part of a community where each person feels supported and loved.

I am a sister, daughter, and an aunt to six beautiful nieces and nephews, all age six and under. I love being an aunt and watching each of them develop and grow. Since my sister and sister-in-law were both pregnant multiple times during my time in school, it sparked a desire to learn more and more about prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric care. I found that with every question my family had throughout birth I wanted to be sure I knew the answers and did whatever research I could to find those answers and resources. This also spurred on extra training through organizations such as the ICPA and other pediatric seminars to further my understanding and training.

My goal is to empower families to heal and deepen their connections to each other and themselves!