Are You Suffering? Frustrated With Your Health? Ready to Finally Get Better But Losing Hope? 

You've Come To The Right Place. 

We know first-hand the frustration of being stuck in poor health and not knowing WHY or what to do to change it. THIS is the reason we are here - not to give your health a label, but to give you understanding of why your health is not working, and what you can do to begin healing from the inside-out. 

Can we be really honest for a minute?

Have You Been Accepting Poor Health As Your Status Quo? 

Go back to the moment you first lost hope. Did you think that you would just have to suffer like this for the rest of your life? Maybe you were told you would have to. Either way, I’ll bet it’s a vivid memory. The thought of being stuck in poor health is often very defeating. 

Have you felt like giving-in?
Please DON'T.

You are probably so sure there’s nothing you can do to feel healthy again. But I also know that you want to. Can I ask you to do one thing? Go back to that moment and tell yourself this, “I was made to HEAL.”

I know what I’m about to say seems unbelievable or downright impossible but it’s not—THERE REALLY IS HOPE! I’ve seen lives rejuvenated, health restored and hope renewed with our personalized care approach.

I’ve seen this AND I’ve lived it myself.

I've Been There Too. 

I started Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center because I, too, have suffered with poor health. I was always the sickest person in my family. (Have you ever met a child who had strep throat multiple times every year, caught every sickness that came around, and had Scarlet Fever not once, but twice? That was me.) I also struggled with horrible digestive complaints. I remember being so miserable in high school that I would call my parents all the time to come get me. At least at home I wouldn’t have to be so embarrassed about my illnesses.

The worst part was that I had thought that I would have to live with my illnesses for the rest of my life. I sought out countless specialists, had tons of doctors’ visits, tried all sorts of diet plans…but got nowhere. I was told “This is You’ll have to learn to live with it.” Wow. That may truly be the worst “answer” any doctor can give.  

But that wasn’t the end for me.

What I have seen in my own health journey has given me such a spark of HOPE that I am now on a mission to turn that spark into a FIRE that spreads. There are far too many people stuck in poor health and hopelessness – and most times it’s completely unnecessary.

It wasn’t until I started getting the RIGHT testing done, and the right chiropractic care, that I began healing. My health now is tremendously stronger. I feel like I am in control of how I feel and function. I know exactly what to do and what not to do for MY body. I hardly get sick now. I feel VIBRANT and FREE. 

And I want you to feel this way too.

I want to see you full of life, energy, and HOPE, moving around with comfort and ease. Not lost in your poor health, but FREE in your ability to heal and overcome. I want to see YOU confident in what is best for YOUR body. I want you to share the same HOPE that I do.

Are you ready to stop believing that there is no answer for you? If so, I’m ready to help you.

Our Powerful Approach to Health

As a chiropractor, I operate from a powerful premise:  Your body is DESIGNED to heal. Have you ever been told that? You have everything you need within you already - right now - to get healthy. And if you, like many, have been feeling like you don't, I want to help you.

Our passion at Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center is to help patients find their missing piece - that one, often very small, thing that is holding them back from healing. Many times it's a control center problem - your spine is interfering with your body's healing processes. Other times it's an input problem - a lack of proper nutrition. And in other cases, it's an output problem - your body is trying to heal through disorganized processes. Whatever the case may be for you, we want to help you investigate and discover what that missing piece is. 

We Want To See Families Getting Healthy TOGETHER

Missing pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and at all ages. It is because of this that we see families. Children are nowadays often sicker than their parents. There are many things that can happen in our health at very young ages that cause trauma to our spine and our healing. I have been very blessed to watch my son grow so incredibly well and healthy by doing for him what I have learned for my own health - I support his health as a unique individual. He is different than me, different that you. This has given me such confidence in my parenting and such joy to see him not have to go through the health challenges that I did as a child (even though he started on that path, we were able to turn things around for him!) 

We Take More Time So We Can Be Focused On Personalized Care

We know that current healthcare standards are broken. On average, doctors spend about 4 minutes of one-on-one time with their patients. It is hard to delve into WHY someone's health is breaking-down, when you have little-to-no time with your patients. 

At Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center we strive to be different. If having more time to walk with our patients, hand-in-hand, means less patients overall, we're okay with that. We want to partner with our patients. We want to guide, lead, and cheer you on as you take each step towards better health. 

Here's What Some of Our Patients Have to Say

"After over a decade of struggling with back pain and debilitating flare ups, I have finally found the right doctor for me! Dr. Jill tailors her approach to my body's needs. She offers guidance and tools that go far beyond a chiropractic adjustment, and is equipping me to become stronger and live a more full life! Hope is the perfect word for it...just when I was feeling like there was none!"
Ele C.  

"Just saw Dr. Plentl for the first time and I am extremely happy I did! She made me feel so welcomed and comforted from the time I stepped foot in the door. The extra time she took to answer all of my questions made me feel like she valued me not only as a patient but as a person! I would highly recommend Dr. Plentl to anyone I know, her passion for what she does definitely shows!"
Jennifer W.  

"Dr. Jill truly goes above and beyond! I have been on a very intense healing journey this past year and Dr. Jill has stepped up along side our family to help pull pieces of the puzzle together. We are so blessed!"
Anne W. 

"You are a life-saver! Or in this ear-saver. After only a few sinus adjustments and supplements, My 4yr old passed a hearing test today that he failed 3 weeks ago. No tubes necessary now! Thank you!!!"
Kathy A. 

"She has made a believer out of me and my family! We had always been very skeptic of chiropractics care and after just a short while of seeing Jill- we definitely changed our minds. I have seen results immediately and steadily with time. Jill is concerned with a person’s overall health and wellbeing and not just about how to cover up or pacify a symptom. I have been recommending her to everyone I know and will continue to do so!"
Alaina T. 

"Dr Jill is great. She helped my wife tremendously through the prenatal period, labor, and post-partum! Focuses on underlying muscle imbalances and not just alignment issues. Rare chiropractor and great Godly woman who is unashamed of her faith and prays for all her patients."
Jake D. 

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

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