Our approach to health is different, because our team has been in your shoes. 


At Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center, one thing permeates all that we do: HOPE. Our providers and our team are passionate about helping you find hope for your health because we have been where you are. We have faced health challenges and not had answers. We, too, have wondered why we couldn't get better and why no one seemed concerned. 

We stand together now, as a team, destined to share the hope with you that has been shared with us:  healing is possible. 



Dr. Jill Plentl, D.C.

Chiropractor, Nutritionist


Dr. Plentl is passionate about one thing: finding the missing pieces to your healing.

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Brinda Cleveland, LMT

Massage Therapist


Brinda  believes that massage therapy should be used as a tool to foster healing.

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Dr. Ruby Garza, D.C.



Dr. Garza is the owner of our sister office, Adjust Texas Chiropractic & Wellness. 

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The Friendly Faces of Hope Chiropractic 


Mary Kulp

Office Manager, Patient Advocate

Mary oversees and coordinates every detail of our day-to-day operations with the best of care, so that each and every patient is guided through their visits with confidence and comfort. Mary has a background in nursing and customer service which is coupled with a true heart to serve her community.


Amy Thorne

Wellness Coordinator, Hospitality Director

Amy is our Wellness and Hospitality Coordinator. She oversees our health challenge groups and helps to coordinate nutritional product education. She has a passion for service and goes above and beyond to make sure all of our patients are cared-for like family. She is actively involved in the holistic health community and strives to bring awareness of healing from within to everyone she meets. 

Zadie Wittrock

Organizational Officer, Hospitality Coordinator

Zadie helps keep our office organized and running smoothly. She keeps up with our files, welcome procedures, and assists Amy with hospitality. She is always cheerful and loves helping our team behind the scenes to more effectively share hope. 

Jacki Ayhens

Compliance Officer

Jacki was our first team member at Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center. She has brought so much joy and creativity to our office over the years. Now, she is mommy to two sweet kiddos, but continues to help us with our compliance and privacy procedures in the office. She also helps us with coordinating events in the office.