Nutrigenomic Testing

There is no greater power in healing than to know exactly how your body was designed, uniquely, as an individual. Because of the vast variances in our chemical make-up and the different rates of healing from one person to the next, we need to approach healthcare in an individualized manner. 

If you want to know exactly how to support your body, exactly which nutrients you need and in exactly which amounts, Nutrigenomic Testing will bring you the clarity you need. Watch these videos below to see how our genes can impact and direct our healing, and how understanding them can help bring you out of the pits of poor health so you can get back on track. 

Why genes?

Our genes are the blueprint for how our body processes nutrients and how it uniquely approaches healing. Watch this video from our Facebook page to learn more about the power of looking to your genes for healing. 

Problems with genes

There are many variations to our blueprints for healing, and many things that can make healing challenging. This video walks you through a common gene variation that can dramatically impact your healing. 

The Bucket Theory

Have you ever felt like certain areas of your health are just continually failing? This Bucket Theory demonstration will explain how some "leaky buckets" in our health can steal vital nutrients from others, causing poor healing. 

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Dr. Jill Plentl, D.C. is a certified GX Sciences provider with advanced training in nutrigenomic testing and treatments. 


Want to Learn Even More About Nutrigenomic Testing?

Learn form Dr. Kendal Stewart, M.D. the developer of the GX Sciences nutrigenomic testing panels by visiting his website, or by tuning-in to his podcast, "Coffee with Dr. Stewart:"


Here are two great podcasts to get started with: 

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