You Have an Inborn Ability to Heal

Our number one goal at Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center is to treat the CAUSE of poor healing not just a person’s symptoms. We understand that the body uses symptoms to alert us of areas where our health is hindered, and that simply treating symptoms may never fix the underlying problem. Because of the intricate relationship between your spine and nervous system (which controls every cell in your body) chiropractic care plays a VITAL role in supporting the underlying problems so that our bodies can truly heal. 


Does Your Healing Feel Like It's "Switched-Off?"


Think about having a cotton ball in your ear. Your ability to hear anything greatly decreases and words are muddled which can make communicating confusing. This is exactly how your nervous system works. If the nervous system has interference in it's communication there is no way it can function at it's highest level. The nervous system is the master system and one of it's biggest jobs is healing! Imagine how much harder it would be for the nervous system and your healing processes to operate efficiently if your body isn't communicating effectively. 


What Causes This?

Problems in the spine can be caused by a number of things, and they aren't all traumatic:

  • Chronic stress and anxiety
  • Poor posture
  • Excessive time spent in a seated position
  • Slips and falls
  • Auto accidents
  • Chronic muscle spasms
  • Poor nutrition

Are You Ready To Switch-On Your Healing?

The beauty of the human body is that it is incredibly resilient and has an inborn ability to heal. Most of the time it needs no help, but it also needs to be clear of interferences. Poor spinal health can interfere with your ability to heal by muddling the communication between the brain and the body. Recovering your spinal health can help restore that communication and, in turn, switch-on your healing. 


Many patients report much more than just pain relief while under our care. They may notice their allergies clearing up, their reflux symptoms improving, their constipation lessening, or their sleep and mood improving. Even though we are not treating those conditions, as we focus our healing efforts on the spine, the body does its amazing work of bringing things back into balance. 

YOU have an INBORN ability to HEAL. 


How We Approach Care

Our approach to chiropractic care is centered on correcting the underlying problems and fostering healing. We also recognize that every person is unique and different in their rate of healing. Because of this we base our care recommendations on two key things:  how YOU feel you are progressing, and how we see your spinal health improving. With these two factors we are able to assess your progress on each and every visit, and are able to adapt our timeline accordingly. In this way our care recommendations are entirely individualized and allow your body's unique rate of healing to guide your care. 


Who Can Benefit From Chiropractic?

Problems in the spine can arise at any age, and can be addressed by chiropractic care. We see patients of all ages and have doctors specialized for each stage of care. 

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Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die; chiropractic is the study of health and what causes a man to live.


If you have questions about our chiropractic services, please visit our Chiropractic FAQ page or contact our office at 817-656-4760. 

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