Your Stress MATTERS

Is the weight of life feeling heavy to you right now? Me too.

I seem to be trapped in a heavy season right now. Lots of cancer diagnosis. Friends struggling. People fighting comas. Job loss. Lots of heavy stuff. Our Tuesday prayer meetings at the office seem to be just a growing list of heart-breaking pleas for our patients and loved ones that are struggling. It leaves you feeling broken. Lost. Weepy. 

The weight of these things can grow into something pretty unbearable if we let it. 

But you know what? 


We aren’t meant to shoulder everything like that. We aren’t meant to carry everyone else’s burdens on top of our own. 

But that’s just the thing with stress. It’s hard to let go of what we can, and even harder to face and pray through what we can’t. 

Some stress is very real, new, and oh so raw. We lose someone we love. We get fired. We get diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our child is struggling down a scary road. THIS stress is the hardest, and not necessarily meant to be the burdens that we just push aside. These require prayer, support, community, time and patience. And this stress matters

The rest of the stress we carry CAN be let go of. Constant busyness. Jobs we aren’t happy at. Lack of rest. Trying to wear too many hats. Worrying about things we can’t change. 

THIS stress, chronic stress, is what is damaging our health. 

Your soul can be grieving over the big things, but it doesn’t have to rob your health while you walk through it. If we can diminish the unnecessary stresses in our life, we create room for the things that matter.

And we allow our bodies a space to heal. To rest. 

If you’re in a heavy season too, I want to remind you that some stress MATTERS.

Here Is A Quick Thought On The RIGHT Kind Of Stress.

I wish I could take that weight of stress off each and every one of you but I can’t. There’s only one person who can do that for you. But I can help you reduce your internal stress. Stress that is being caused by problems within your body

If you need help in this area, I encourage you to tune-in to our video series on stress. 

And please reach out if you need support, encouragement, or hugs.
We always have hugs. 

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