Raising Healthy Families



Raising A Healthy Family Doesn't Have To Be Hard.  

Having the right plans in place and working on improving health before it breaks down can save you and your family from struggling with cycles of poor health. As we head into the new school year and the inevitable cold and flu season, now is the time to put healthy practices in place so that your family can face this season with confidence.  

Join Dr. Jill Plentl for an impactful evening of health-boosting tips for your entire family:   

  • Healthy & fun meal prepping for the WHOLE family
  • What to do when you DO get sick, and how you can keep it from spreading through your household
  • Re-stocking your medicine cabinet for PREVENTION
  • How to get your kids involved in healthy living habits
  • Exercise for the entire family
  • And SO much more! 

This workshop is free, and will be offered in the office and simultaneously broadcasted online as a webinar. 


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