Yoga for Pain Relief

Live Workshop hosted by katie Browning

Wednesday, July 25th, 7:00 - 8:00pm


Do you suffer from chronic joint pain and stiffness? Do your muscles often feel tight and achy? 

Often, when we are suffering with a chronic pain condition, an underlying factor is lack of flexibility and improper use of supportive muscles. 

If you feel like you need some new tools to help guide your body out of these chronic pain patterns, we invite you to join us for a new class: Yoga for Pain Relief. Our host, Katie Browning, is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga for 14 years. She is phenomenal at guiding people through yoga poses and helping them develop a familiarity with which poses will be most beneficial for their unique condition and ability. 

Cost for the class is $20. 

If you need more information or would like to register, use the link below. 


Watch the short video below to learn more about Yoga for Pain Relief, and to meet our host, Katie Browning.

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