Yoga for Stress Relief

Live Workshop hosted by katie Browning

Wednesday, September 19th @ 7:00pm


We all know that stress is bad for our health, but knowing exactly what to do to combat its effects is where we're often left with a big question mark. 

Did you know that yoga is a great way to unwind the vice that stress can create around us? Yoga is more than stretching, it's a way to embrace calmness and to work through all that has been weighing on us. 

Join us Wednesday, September 19th @ 7pm for a special yoga class focused on helping you to clear your mind and create a space for peace. 

Katie Browning is our instructor. She is a certified Christian yoga instructor with years of experience. She is skilled at helping beginners in yoga, and taking veterans further along their journey of flexibility and creating calm. 


Cost for the class is $20. 


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