Health Fair

Wednesday, April 25th  4:00pm - 6:30pm

If you've been struggling to gain momentum in your health, the best place to start is to get to the root of the problem. Join us for our upcoming Health Fair to see where you most need to support your health so that you can uncover: 

  • Why you're struggling to lose weight
  • If you are at risk for clogged arteries, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses
  • Hidden nutrient deficiencies and other causes of chronic pain and illness
  • If you have thyroid or other hormone problems
  • Why you're not "bouncing back" after pregnancy
  • If "Leaky Gut" is at the core of your digestive complaints
  • Why your immune system never seems strong enough


On Site Phlebotomist 

We'll have phlebotomists from SpectraCell Labs at the office to draw samples for their most popular functional tests: 


Home Testing Kits

We will also have all of our best functional home testing kits available: 


We want to make it convenient and fun for you to get testing done, in a comfortable, relaxed environment. We'll have snacks and activities for everyone!



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